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A Special Award

This week, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) honoured His Majesty The King with a Special Award of Recognition for His Majesty’s leadership in advancing human development and the wellbeing and happiness of the people of Bhutan. The UNDP had been one of the earliest development partners of Bhutan. They …

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A lucky Dzongkhag

Samtse is all set to host the 111th National Day. The otherwise quite dzongkhag has suddenly come to life for the past few days with people from across the country heading down to the dzongkhag to witness the historic National Day celebrations. His Majesty The King, His Majesty The Fourth …

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A beautiful story

By early afternoon yesterday, good news from Melbourne reached Bhutan. Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa were successfully separated. The image of the separated twins flooded social media. The news was followed by thousands of congratulatory notes on social media, where Bhutanese were sharing and re-sharing the beautiful story that appeared …

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