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Chimi Nangsel Dorji a 20-year-old from Bumdeyling, Trashiyangtse, who is currently pursuing her studies in Sharda University in India, is a well-known singer. She started music since her childhood days but began pursuing professionally right after being recruited by M-Studio during Bhutan International Festival in 2015. Chimi composed two songs …

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Tax that second car

The Royal Monetary Authority had reduced the amount of money people can borrow from the banks to buy a car. Now they can avail only 30 percent of the total cost. The decision of the central bank is received with mixed feeling. The rich are laughing at the decision, the …

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Managing waste- loosing focus?

Far away from the madding crowd of the capital, at Memelakha, there is much more than the dumped waste that is rotting. The stench is an indication that after decades of planning, we are still grappling with the same problem. Call it a policy failure or implementation, solid waste management, …

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Going electronic

The last few weeks had been about going electronic. We launched the Point of Sale and the government is piloting the e-procurement systems in four agencies. The developments are a sign of Bhutan moving forward. If we can, why not, we should. But there are problems and we see that …

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